Generations1st X Newgrounds [The Movie]

2012-10-02 16:00:28 by RYKEO

A big revamp has happened to this project short, that was originally planned to be a pixel art animated feature that would just which include the Newgrounds character Nene, and a character from The King of schools for the upcoming feature Generations1st X Newgrounds.
And although it was considered to be a Short episode from the king of Schools, i decided to take full control over the project and make it a hand drawn animated feature, the reason for this was mainly 2 things,
The main reason, was that pixel sprites lack facial detail which makes it pretty limited upon emotional expressions,
and the second, was that i wanted both characters to have their own story, and not an episode from the king of schools, so preferably this would be considered as it's own Movie.

Generations1st X Newgrounds [The Movie]


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2012-12-28 13:18:21

interesting...curious to see the final project o.o