GUNFOX [Update #1]

2013-09-08 10:10:28 by RYKEO


First of all i would like to thank once again all the voice actors who are apart of the series, including those who also auditioned, I'll keep you all informed from now on because it's been like a year since i put up an update on what i've been working on lately, The answer is one word.....GUNFOX!
Which consist of 6 Current episodes that are about 20+ minutes in length, The first teaser trailer will be out on the 16th of September.

By the way if you're ever considering in making a project longer than 10 to 20 minutes i strongly recommend you buy yourself an external hard drive, in fact it's essential you have at-least 2.
I hear Flash filters are the "Kiss of death" if you don't use them correctly regardless if you have a strong computer.

From how the whole series is looking it's more likely going to be a Teen or Mature Rating...
However this will vary so don't look too deep into that, if you got any questions feel free to Pm me or post them here.

Anyway The Current Pic is a screenshot of the project in the current style i conjured..
To give you feel of the theme..


GUNFOX  [Update #1]


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2013-09-09 02:16:30

Awesome, am very excited for the teaser!

RYKEO responds:

Hows it going Aimee! I'll keep you informed on what's happening.


2013-09-17 11:38:22

Teaser looks awesome! Very excited to see it all come together. Good luck!

RYKEO responds:

Heya long time no see! things are going absolutely great with the Gunfox Series
I'm very pleased you enjoyed the trailer! Can't wait to finish the prologue along with the 6 episodes.
i have learnt so much since beginning this project last year, much recommended experience.
Take care.


2013-11-24 07:46:22

Mature! Mature! No more holding back on improv! Then you can riddle it with gore!

RYKEO responds:

It's Mature dude trust me killing bad guys "IN STYLE" has never looked so good,i can't wait to show you!