Entry #9

GUNFOX [ The Prologue ]

2013-12-08 18:28:26 by RYKEO

Hows it going everybody IM BACK! and let me tell you something, throughout all the experience I've had with projects, GUNFOX this is by far my favorite project and the biggest amount of hours I've spent on anything.. 


Alright here's the update 2

There's going to be a change in my Name very soon as i plan to release the Gunfox Series on a new website and here on Newgrounds.

I plan to have the website out by early as January.


The Episodes run at a smooth 60 frames per second.

Side note Gunfox overall is pretty dam "Bloody" Violent and "sexy" moving.

So it's rated M


I've decided to share the very first Audition i ever did for Gunfox, Now this is incredibly old and should not be considered as final product, you see back then,  working title was known as "The best Cops are here" This voice demo was what convinced me to develop the entire Gunfox series.



The first episode is named Neon Angel.




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2013-12-08 20:25:01

looks nice brah


2013-12-19 06:19:26

Woot! Any thoughts of releasing to youtube as well? Expand the audience net some?

(Updated ) RYKEO responds:

Absolutely, it will be premiered here first and then YouTube, comes to think of it, YouTube are pretty flexible with their HD format so it's likely the quality with sound and visuals will be alot better...


2014-01-06 16:00:58

Glad to hear that you're looking to give Gunfox it's own website! Excited to see more of your progress.

(Updated ) RYKEO responds:

This way things will be alot more organized i had thought about it for a long time just never got around to doing it, i'll keep you informed.