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= I wonder if his master was a Panda...

There's three things like in this world Sushi, Layer cake and Kung-Fu action.
So there's this penguin, and well.......heh someone was abit too short to be in the penguin version of samurai Jack... You see there is a Penguin tradition that a Male penguin must find the perfect pebble stone in order to fulfil his mating "penguin destiny".

The mysterious penguin is explained very well without the need of it being spoken, he neither fears the size nor the brutish scale of his enemies, he respects the nature, and bestows the poor,
All of these things are symbolizations of a true legend that are remembered in tales to be told..

The Verdict:

The presentation was J-POP "MERU MERU MERU MERU" a well planned out movie.
The sound quality was on the level, it also didn't require much on voices either which was interesting,but what i was most impressed with, was the environment animation not to mention the overall animation itself..
The direction is adventure and is the first penguin i know to kick-Ass..

= uh oh it's fred better turn the volume down quick!

Yeah...."FRED".....You see the definition of happiness isn't the of optimism, it's the meaning of a man/teen/child in a blue T-Shirt auto franchising himself to the BIG BUCKAROO land of Hollywood.
So these two guys who look like they're promoting Guinness beer, starts of in a....Well.....Hmph ....well ........some sort of documentary in how to kill Fred?...........Nothing abnormal there.....
But as Cute looking Fred dose what he dose best, KILLING PEOPLE.....It's up to the half baked stickmen to save the day, Seriously where are the cops?....It would be simple BOOM head shot the end...

The presentation was "Spaghetti with meat balls and Layer cake for desert!" Decent and genuine entertainment, The animation of fred was pretty well done, capturing him right down to the facial expressions, *Ahem* you would of obviously would needed to watch the show in order to know that though! the sound was pretty good and worked well with the material.
The direction is Black comedy, not as funny as say...Fred,but then again Fred in my opinion is his own funny for people.

= Starring Rina Chan as Miss cutey Pie <3

Right off the bat this begins with Hot syrup cuteness, i just couldn't take my eyes of it, It's a dam shame this was never completed,but never say never.
With a plot unfinished, it's hard to analyse the story as it's all over the place, but i can definitely acknowledge that it's a "Boy meets girl" But seriously is this kid is obsessed with his girl? if he can't wait till the morning to see her, i mean he meets her while she's sleeping........*Coughs*Ecchi........
Naww i'm sure she wouldn't mind him i guess....
(seriously i'm so confused with that night scene at the end.......Was he running from someone?)
In anycase it was a well done Animated feature with a simple plot to path..

The Verdict:
The presentation of this feature looks to be some what strangely encoded with white boarders, this can mainly mean 2 things, the animator was trying to preserve more space or the dedicated purpose was originally suited for such places as YouTube or Facebook Video players.
The animation was "FLUTTERSHYTASTIC" with very good coordination of the planning of the entire feature, The sound goes under the same category as the quality of the videoBut it was still good enough to hear the Talented voice actors..
The Direction is Drama suited for all ages, long live cuteness!

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= Best Game i've played in a long time.

= It reminds me of Simon says.

= Had a blast with this game, is it online competitive or was i challenging.

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= Telling you man... You just got that thing that makes you tick.

Gianni responds:

Heh. Like a timebomb.

= So you were Francis LOL! i had no idea xD DAMN!
I reckon you were Kai as well, Either way it's a good start, but you have much to improve on.

= I definitely recommend her, she's truly unique!

chibiwings responds:

Thanks! ^.^

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The mascot girl is my favourite character out of all your drawings,when you upgraded your tablet it really shows more improvement . You see a girl like this has a story of her own, not too obvious either, her theme in how she looks says it all.

kmau responds:

...I have drawings that don't depict her?
It's always nice to hear that some people see a story even if it wasn't told yet.

= I actually like this i really do.

absumeris responds:

Thanks a lot! :)

= I remember these two, these two make a cute couple.

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