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= I wonder if his master was a Panda...

There's three things like in this world Sushi, Layer cake and Kung-Fu action.
So there's this penguin, and well.......heh someone was abit too short to be in the penguin version of samurai Jack... You see there is a Penguin tradition that a Male penguin must find the perfect pebble stone in order to fulfil his mating "penguin destiny".

The mysterious penguin is explained very well without the need of it being spoken, he neither fears the size nor the brutish scale of his enemies, he respects the nature, and bestows the poor,
All of these things are symbolizations of a true legend that are remembered in tales to be told..

The Verdict:

The presentation was J-POP "MERU MERU MERU MERU" a well planned out movie.
The sound quality was on the level, it also didn't require much on voices either which was interesting,but what i was most impressed with, was the environment animation not to mention the overall animation itself..
The direction is adventure and is the first penguin i know to kick-Ass..

= uh oh it's fred better turn the volume down quick!

Yeah...."FRED".....You see the definition of happiness isn't the of optimism, it's the meaning of a man/teen/child in a blue T-Shirt auto franchising himself to the BIG BUCKAROO land of Hollywood.
So these two guys who look like they're promoting Guinness beer, starts of in a....Well.....Hmph ....well ........some sort of documentary in how to kill Fred?...........Nothing abnormal there.....
But as Cute looking Fred dose what he dose best, KILLING PEOPLE.....It's up to the half baked stickmen to save the day, Seriously where are the cops?....It would be simple BOOM head shot the end...

The presentation was "Spaghetti with meat balls and Layer cake for desert!" Decent and genuine entertainment, The animation of fred was pretty well done, capturing him right down to the facial expressions, *Ahem* you would of obviously would needed to watch the show in order to know that though! the sound was pretty good and worked well with the material.
The direction is Black comedy, not as funny as say...Fred,but then again Fred in my opinion is his own funny for people.

= Starring Rina Chan as Miss cutey Pie <3

Right off the bat this begins with Hot syrup cuteness, i just couldn't take my eyes of it, It's a dam shame this was never completed,but never say never.
With a plot unfinished, it's hard to analyse the story as it's all over the place, but i can definitely acknowledge that it's a "Boy meets girl" But seriously is this kid is obsessed with his girl? if he can't wait till the morning to see her, i mean he meets her while she's sleeping........*Coughs*Ecchi........
Naww i'm sure she wouldn't mind him i guess....
(seriously i'm so confused with that night scene at the end.......Was he running from someone?)
In anycase it was a well done Animated feature with a simple plot to path..

The Verdict:
The presentation of this feature looks to be some what strangely encoded with white boarders, this can mainly mean 2 things, the animator was trying to preserve more space or the dedicated purpose was originally suited for such places as YouTube or Facebook Video players.
The animation was "FLUTTERSHYTASTIC" with very good coordination of the planning of the entire feature, The sound goes under the same category as the quality of the videoBut it was still good enough to hear the Talented voice actors..
The Direction is Drama suited for all ages, long live cuteness!

= Ash was fun to do <3
Pretty nostalgic too, it takes me back lol, it's always fun working with you dude, and i agree with SirUndead, you have great talent.


MangaFood responds:

Ahh, too bad you don't VA more. You have a cool voice. Still waiting on your animation.

= I haven't been this confused since Fight Club.

Let me get this straight if he's him and he's she and she's him and she's him and he's she's Then..... what dose that make me?! WHO AM I?! *Tries to Rip face off but it's no use!*
....so after having the biggest mind scramble since realizing cat's and dogs can't breed together,
We have the art Deception.... I mean Jesus Christ i don't even want to think about what Batman would be thinking, because i'd place my bottom dollar it's Barcode bald guy with that face expression of smelling bad fish...
Seriously how dose the Doughnut work? because if this is a lure for homer Simpson, you're doing it wrong!

The Verdict:
The presentation was "DO NOT PRESS A TO SKIP" seriously, incredible visuals for the animation and design, but what i'm especially happy about, was the the handling of the plot, it was as unstable as TNT, a continuous twist even to the end and that's how i like it.
The sound quality was Cream on cake, along with good voice acting delivering excellent coordination..
The Direction was Black comedy Adult Swim Style.....So yeah not for really for the kids, but then again neither is the game, it's called Hitman for a reason, what were you expecting Tea and cakes?

= You know........This would make a very good Prozac commercial.

I can't help thanking that I've had days like this, but if anything coffee and nocturnal people don't combine very well, especially when you find yourself in a scene which seems to be the perfect audition for Indiana Jones The last crusade "Leap of faith the wrong way" but i think that's looking in too deep into the whole "am i i dreaming factor"
Well either way him and Tyler Durden has something in common... "He is Jacks Suspension of Despair.."

The Verdict:
The presentations was FILM AT 11! The kind of stuff that usually slots in on Adult swim without it being restricted for all ages. The Sound was 5.1? Seriously it was very well done in depth i could hear everything from the ambience feel.
The Animation was Suitable for the job and decent. The Directions was Experimental, Which is more than what i can say for Coffee..

Pyrowman responds:

Thank you for your colourful review! I didn't drink coffee at all during my time as a fellow night stalker. However, I had to think of a goal and coffee seemed a good option. The other option was a copy machine, which would correspond very well with the constant falling. Unfortunately, it didn't really feel like the best solution and would lead to a lot more time spent animating.
I am a complete amateur when it comes to sound, so I am glad to hear you like it! I recorded almost all sounds myself, a lot of it is Foley (for instance: the swoosh sounds were made with a tennis raquet and the deep drone was me blowing on the windscreen of my micropone) and was very fun to do!

Again, thank you for your nice feedback, I wish more people would write comments like you!

= Aww if it makes her feel any better i'll buy her some grapes, no more tears Foxy..

Yey! furries, yeah.... as you might of guessed i'm kind of a Sucker when comes down to Brony and Furry Junk, so there's no surprise why i was delighted to see a hot cutie pie catch my eye..
Anyway the whole scene wraps around a tree which seems to be in the dimension of "where am i land", the dilemma is pretty self explanatory,

(1) I need to learn how to climb trees
(2) Getting a leap up would solve problem but then, if you have vertigo issues then scratch that idea.
(3) Will that black stuff turn me into the Villian for Spiderman? If so i can climb!
(4) Ask me to buy some.... Seriously i will....

Either way that doesn't bother the Foxy who assuming she has has a thing for Fruit and less on meat, would possibly explain why she has such a slender figure about her, i can only hope
she makes better use picking better trees next time because it's not common trees coat themselves in that abnormal fashion...

The Verdict:
The presentation was FURRY-TASTIC ! The Animator shows good composer for the setting and timing of the animation, experience comes at many levels...
The Sound and quality along with the voice acting was CUTE and well composed, the Direction is considered Experimental for Shorts as the plot resolves around one focussed feature as the Title explains...

= These two sure have tails of their own to tell...

From beginning to end this had my most undivided attention in what cute little people could do..
Now coming from my spider sense point of view, and also judging by the night fall setting of the scene, i would of bet my super hero's utility belt that there was going to be action one way or another, and came in swift numbers..
With two of the most strangest chibi hybrid characters i've seen,they are not to be underestimated. Both girls are on a mission to find out who the Cyclops is working for...heh Typical of Saturday morning villains to spill the beans right?
If all goes well these two girls will be able to beat all the bad guys just in time for cookies, honey and milk..

The Verdict:

Well let me tell you, i was hooked from beginning to end, delivering a well composed and thought out script as it should be!
The animation was decent and worked well with the theme and genre...
The sound was top notch and the female voice actresses were excellent....
The direction was Kid fun action inspired for all ages, i'm looking forward to episode 2!

= Not the right way of catching a train,nor am i a fan of suicides..

An impressive hybrid of Animation and amazingly well rendered backgrounds this deserved my review.
Considering it's down to earth plot, not much can be said about the feature apart from a girl who experiences a person who goes suicidal.
pretty shocking when you know this kind of dilemma occurs in real life situations, that said, that's what added the element of realism and drama in this feature..

The verdict:
If this was much longer this would of been considered as an anime feature short, despite it being under 2 minutes it still delivered an impressive amount of visual quality...
The sound was well done for ambient feel for the surroundings, as for voice this is considered as a quiet animation due to the setting and situation.
The Direction is Drama, i don't consider this horror, since it's more of a reflection relating to circumstances that probably define depression, and the mind of a youth..

= Lol This probably explains why he never got laid...

Now i don't know what the games about yet, but i know that this feature pretty much represents the concept pretty well...Is there ever a time that Leon is never alone with zombies, seems like the perftect fetish of fear..
No seriously why has Leon become a Sarcastic looser?
And why dose he still have that Micheal J fox wannabe half baked Mullet for a haircut?
And yeah i have to agree with him, he always starts of with a 9mm, not the best choice for shooting down Zombies you would of thought he would of got the hang of the big gun theory by now.....

The Verdict:
The presentations was, a the definition of "Angry man Animation of ice cream" not to mention it was very funny, The animation was decent, impressive file size for the quality given especially it's length..
The Direction was Black comedy, And Kids, this is not for you, My little Pony is....

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