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Posted by RYKEO - December 8th, 2013

Hows it going everybody IM BACK! and let me tell you something, throughout all the experience I've had with projects, GUNFOX this is by far my favorite project and the biggest amount of hours I've spent on anything.. 


Alright here's the update 2

There's going to be a change in my Name very soon as i plan to release the Gunfox Series on a new website and here on Newgrounds.

I plan to have the website out by early as January.


The Episodes run at a smooth 60 frames per second.

Side note Gunfox overall is pretty dam "Bloody" Violent and "sexy" moving.

So it's rated M


I've decided to share the very first Audition i ever did for Gunfox, Now this is incredibly old and should not be considered as final product, you see back then,  working title was known as "The best Cops are here" This voice demo was what convinced me to develop the entire Gunfox series.



The first episode is named Neon Angel.



Posted by RYKEO - September 8th, 2013


First of all i would like to thank once again all the voice actors who are apart of the series, including those who also auditioned, I'll keep you all informed from now on because it's been like a year since i put up an update on what i've been working on lately, The answer is one word.....GUNFOX!
Which consist of 6 Current episodes that are about 20+ minutes in length, The first teaser trailer will be out on the 16th of September.

By the way if you're ever considering in making a project longer than 10 to 20 minutes i strongly recommend you buy yourself an external hard drive, in fact it's essential you have at-least 2.
I hear Flash filters are the "Kiss of death" if you don't use them correctly regardless if you have a strong computer.

From how the whole series is looking it's more likely going to be a Teen or Mature Rating...
However this will vary so don't look too deep into that, if you got any questions feel free to Pm me or post them here.

Anyway The Current Pic is a screenshot of the project in the current style i conjured..
To give you feel of the theme..


GUNFOX  [Update #1]

Posted by RYKEO - October 2nd, 2012

A big revamp has happened to this project short, that was originally planned to be a pixel art animated feature that would just which include the Newgrounds character Nene, and a character from The King of schools for the upcoming feature Generations1st X Newgrounds.
And although it was considered to be a Short episode from the king of Schools, i decided to take full control over the project and make it a hand drawn animated feature, the reason for this was mainly 2 things,
The main reason, was that pixel sprites lack facial detail which makes it pretty limited upon emotional expressions,
and the second, was that i wanted both characters to have their own story, and not an episode from the king of schools, so preferably this would be considered as it's own Movie.

Generations1st X Newgrounds [The Movie]

Posted by RYKEO - August 6th, 2012

So the other day i had a long talk with Tom in a suggestion for a crossover with the up coming series The King of Schools.
The story would be a set separate chronicle from the original story, but mainly focussing on the character mascot Nene
in how she ended up in their universe.
from her original design concept there wasn't much to go on so we tried to capture her looks as accurate as possible and revamp her features from what we knowledgeably know about Newgrounds franchise...

Generations1st X Newgrounds         [ Episode Confirmed ]

Posted by RYKEO - June 30th, 2012

So i did some voice acting sessions with my team which was going on for a whole week, after that, My friend Aldo help get the sound quality optimized for HD quality. then after that, we all got down to business, from what i had planned when writing the entire script for the King of schools, the entire Season is between to 13 to 15+ episodes and each episode is 21 minutes long. With currently over 200 characters designed since February the 24th 2010, the environments designs are the only things that needs to be perfected, during the 2 years of the this session in creating these characters i constructed a behind the scenes documentary which i will put on here in time.
To adapt for HD pixel format is insane but not impossible, because unless the sprites and system format has been design to the right scale, it's pretty much problematic, Frame rate also seemed fine, for the time being i'm getting prepared to gather additional voice actors that may be needed, other than that everything els is under control.

Currently Filming Season 1

Posted by RYKEO - June 22nd, 2012

Nicky plays a moderate plot in the king of schools, it's fair to say he's considered as sub plot material, and not essential to the story.
I had problems designing him before, and that was mainly down to me being fussy over his fashion sense not only for him,
but for the school uniform he represents.

Meet Nicky Aka The Camera Kid

Posted by RYKEO - June 19th, 2012

Alot of Fashion Sense was constructed for this Kid but we finally worked on a Look that works for him..
He should be completely finished for animation by the end of this week..

The Main Character Revealed 20th June Update

Posted by RYKEO - June 19th, 2012

Posted by RYKEO - March 22nd, 2011

The First trailer is up finished by my Team, be sure to stick around for the next one.
were still running some test because i'm not sure what functions are allowed on here...